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Welcome to Safety9.com. 

My name is David and I am a professional security/safety expert.  I make my living by helping individuals and businesses implement safety and security measures to protect their property and their loved ones.  I am not trying to sell any of my company services, but, rather hoping to explain why some people may want to think about security and ways to keep them safe.

Some of the most important decisions we make in life deals with our personal safety, both at home and at work.  This site, internetarticledirectory.com is a free to use site that offers information that helps break down the complexities of understanding some of the security products and what might be good for you.

Home security systems can be very simple or over the top and extremely expensive.  The first thing to discuss or figure out is, what do I want to protect?  Humans? Property?  Once you get a grip that you may want to protect just one or both you can then start researching how to protect same.

Singles family houses are the prime target for burglars.  Why?  The sit by themselves and usually have dark areas and canceled areas like bushes, trees and backyard areas to hide in.  The burglar also believes that if you live in a home, you will have more 'items' that they want to relieve you of.  Apartments and Duplex units are also popular targets, but, the burglars then has to deal with neighbors and people seeing them.

So, if you live in a single family home, you would want to think about buying an alarm system for your house.  The statistics show that homes with alarms systems are less likely to be burglarized than a home without a system.  Burglars can read and they can also tell if you have an alarm and your neighbor does not.  Who would they pick?  Probably your neighbor's house...sorry neighbor!

So, what can be done if you do not want to spend money on an alarm system, any tricks?  Yes there are several easy to do items that can help reduce the chance of a successful home burglary.

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  •      A cheap first line of defense is to purchase a few yard signs from a security company.
  •      You can also get some window stickers and put them on every other window.
  •      Get some yard security signs and place them in obvious places.
  •      Make your home look lived in. 
  •      Pick up the papers, trim the trees, bushes and keep it tidy.
  •      Put deadbolt locks on all doors.
  •      Make sure all windows have screens and the window locks work.
  •      If you leave town, stop your mail and paper delivery while your gone. 
  •      Tell a neighbor that you are leaving town and ask them to check on your house. 
  •      Turning on and off different lights in your home.
  •      Do not leave a key hidden outside on your property
  •      Check and fix any broken locks
  •      Trim down all shrubs and bushes below the window sills
  •      Do not give a burglar a place to hide on your property
  •      I recommend motion or body heat sensitive exterior lighting on your home
  •      Take some interior lamps and put on timers. 
  •      Have a floor safe installed and hidden

The things that burglars hate the most are; light, noise and time.  What does this mean?  Well, if a burglar finds your home to be well lit and motion lights turn on all over the place and you have secured your doors and windows and the burglar will have to be noisy and take a longer time that he normally spends, they might just pass on your home and go to the next one on the block.  Make you home un-friendly for a burglar.

One last thing before we start talking specific systems, please make sure that you do not have any valuables that are showing from you windows or your front door.  Most people are really proud when they buy or obtain that special piece of art or antique, but the burglar wants it also.  So, think about what the people outside can see with a quick glance inside your doors and windows. 

Take some time and walk around your house and think like a burglar....can I get in that window?  Will those bushes hide me?  Do they have a dog?  Any neighbors that pay attention?  You get the idea.  Take some time and be wise.  Also, call your police station and ask them if there have been any recent burglaries in your neighborhood or surrounding areas.  You can also ask your police for their recommendations. 

These are just some of the quick and easy things you can do today.



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